Feb 2015 Horizon G.C.

Feb 2015 Horizon G.C.

Low Gross – Danny Medina (72)
Low Net – Jean Davis (59)

1st Flt (net)
1st Place: Jeff Vinton (71)
2nd Place: David Imai (72)

2nd Flt (net)
1st Place: Bonnie Perea (62)
2nd Place: Robert Originales (64)
3rd Place: Nacho Ibarra (64)
4th Place: Frank Parga (69)

3rd Flt (net)
1st Place: Ida Singh (64)
2nd Place: Manny Carrasco (68)
3rd Place: Don McNeil (68)
4th Place: Tury Zarzosa (69)

#3 – Gary Fierro
#9 – Sergio Baca
#12 – Bobby Morales
#16 – Ida Singh

Thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to the helpers. Ray Dominguez. Cindy Smith, Chris Imai, Luis Delgadillo and his staff at Horizon G.C. Remember our next tournament will be at Vista Hillson March 22,2015. 08:00am shotgun.

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